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Pellet Stove Control Board Repair


Product Description


List of the Manufacture & Control Board Models that are Repairable:

  • Whitfield Advantage Seris I WP Mod# 25250801-RB II WP2, II-T SSAC & ICM,  III SSAC, Plus WP-7
  • Whitfield Renaissance: W1802-3 PCB 139-3
  • Whitfield Prodigy: W1802-3 PCB 139-3
  • Whitfield Profile & Tradition Series:  Lennox Models 20 , 30 , T-300 Series all
  • Whitfield Quest: PSC120A-3180 -SSAC
  • Whitfield Cascade.
  • Waterford Erin: Y2689 120A-3292 SSAC & ACP
  • Earth Stove: Model 1000, OII 500, Controler 2000
  • Breckwell: Analog Ace 1997,  P24I,
  • Breckwell: P2700 Digital Board
  • Travis Industri TRV-1116
  • Lopi Pioneer: TPC120A-4510
  • Quadra-Fire: Aladdin Hearth, Castile, Classic, Contour, Gold, Santa Fe.
  • Heat Tech: ACE1997

Please call us for instructions on shipping the board to the repair facility and model verification.

The Repair on Control Boards is Warrantied for 1 Year

  • Controls Boards that have been tested and check out ok are billed $40.00 this is deducted from your refund
  • Control boards that are sent to us and are beyond repair are billed $25.00 for the Shipping & Handling back to Customer.
  • Control Boards that are sent to us and are beyond repair and not sent back customer is issued a full refund.
  • Customer responsible for shipping to the Repair facility. Oregon Stoves & Spas will not be held responsible for a lost or damaged package. Please include with your package a copy of the Invoice, wrap your package in newspaper (antistatic) and make sure it will not rattle around in box.