Auger Feed Motor 1 RPM – Whitfield, Enviro, Lopi, Vista-Flame, Austroflamm – 18 Month Warranty


This auger motor is compatible with over 11 brands, including Whitfield, Austroflamm, Avalon, Lopi, and more.


Auger Feed Motor 1 RPM – Whitfield, Enviro, Lopi, Vista Flame, Austroflamm – 18-month Warranty

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See compatible part numbers below.

  • 18 month Warranty
  • 1 RPM Clockwise Rotation
  • 3/8″ diameter shaft fits many brands and models.
  • Durability Exceeds Factory Motors
  • Quiet Operation all Feed Settings
  • Pre-Drilled Drive Shaft Hole
For the MAXI-TORQ Version - See [PP7000]

Fits Pellet Stove Models:

  • Austroflamm Pellet Stoves: Integra, Wega
    Compatible with Austroflamm part number RPP102658
  • Avalon Pellet Stoves: 900 Pellet Insert (pre serial # 11491), 900 PS, Arbor, Astoria Bay PI, Astoria PS, Avalon AGP, Avanti PI, Avanti PS, Newport Bay PI, Newport PS
    Compatible with Avalon part numbers 250-00526 and 90-0191
  • Enviro Pellet Stoves: EF1, EF2, EF3, EF4, EF5, Empress FS, Empress FPI, M55 (Agitator Motor), Meridian, Milan, Mini, Solus, Windsor
    Compatible with Enviro part number EF-001
  • Hudson River Pellet Stoves: Chatham, Davenport, Kinderhook
    Compatible with Hudson River part number EF-001
  • Kozi Pellet Stoves: 100, 100I, Baywin, KSH,  Previa
    Compatible with Kozi part number MTR12001
  • Lennox: PS40 Winslow FS, PI40 Winslow Insert, PS32 Montage
    Compatible with Lennox part number H5886
  • Lopi Pellet Stoves: Fox Fire 400 PS, Fox Fire 400 PI (pre serial # 17699), Foxfire PS, Elan, Heritage Bay PS, Heritage Bay PI, Lopi AGP, Leyden PS, Pioneer Bay PI, Pioneer, PS, Yankee Bay PI, Yankee PS
    Compatible with Lopi part number 250-00526 and 90-0191
  • Regency: GF55, GFI55, GC60 (Agitator Motor), PR67
    Compatible with Regency part numbers GF55-001 and W190570
  • Vistaflame Pellet Stoves: VF55 (Agitator Motor), VF100, VF Windsor
    Compatible with Vistaflame part number EF-001
  • Waterford Pellet Stoves: Erin
    Compatible with Waterford part number 450531
  • Whitfield Pellet Stoves: Advantage I, Advantage II, Advantage II-T, Advantage III. Advantage II-T Classic, Advantage Plus, Optima 2, Optima 3, Profile 20, Profile 30, Cascade, Explorer, Frontiersman, T301P, T305P, T308P, Legend, Prodigy I, Prodigy II, Quest, Quest Plus, Renaissance
    Compatible with Whitfield part numbers 12046300 and 12026300
  • It may also fit some Pellet Master models.



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