Whitfield WP4 Quest Plus Premium Firebrick17250029


Premium Firebrick


Whitfield WP4 Quest Plus Premium Firebrick replaces 17250029

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replaces Whitfield Firebrick OEM # 17250029

SKU # PP1006

  • Made in the USA
  • 1-piece Premium Fire-Tek™ Firebrick set
  • Solid Cast Fiber Construction
  • Sandstone Brick Design 
  • Stronger than Factory Original Panels
  • 6-month manufacturer-limited warranty against defects
  • Measures 15¼” x 6½”

Fits Whitfield Pellet Stove:

  • Whitfield Quest Plus (Rectangle Discharge Hole)

NOTE:  Firebrick is hand-made with USA products at the time of the order. The manufacturer cuts firebrick in-house, sands them, and inspects them before shipping to help guarantee quality.  Since the manufacturer starts creating the firebrick, when we receive an order, sometimes there is considerable demand during the winter months, and production takes a little extra time.


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