Regency Convection Fan Air Blower 910-331/P


Regency Gas Stove Convection Fan with FASCO Ball Bearing to help distribute heat to your room.  See model list for compatible stoves.


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Regency Convection Fan Air Blower 910-331/P

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Replaces the Factory OEM # 910-331/P

SKU # PP7341

  • .90 Amp
  • Premium FASCO Ball Bearing Convection Fan
  • With crimp wire spade terminals
  • 1-year warranty

This Regency gas stove convection fan distributes heat into your room. The design of the fan includes quality FASCO ball bearings for your Regency Gas Stove. Use the model list below to see if this fan works for your stove.

Fits Regency Gas Stoves:

  • E18E
  • E21, E21-1, E21-2, E21-3, E21-10
  • E33, E33-1, E33-10, E33S-1
  • HZ33CE, HZ33CE-10
  • P33R, P33R-1, P33R-2
  • P33-3, P33-4, P33-5, P33-10,
  • P33E-4, P33E-5, P33E-10
  • P33CE, P33CE-10
  • P33R-1, P33R-2
  • P33S-4, P33SE-4
  • P36, P36-1, P36-2, P36-3, P36-4, P36-10
  • P36E-4, P36E-10
  • P36D, P36D-1, P36D-10
  • P48, P48-1, P48-2
  • U20, U20-1
  • U27, U27-1, U27-2
  • U28, U28-1, U28-2
  • U29, U29-1, U29-2
  • U30, U31, U31-1, U31-2, U32, U32-2
  • U35, U35-1
  • U37, U37-1
  • U38, U38-1, U38-10
  • U38B-10, U38N-10
  • U39, U39-1, U39-10
  • U39B-10, U39N-10


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